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Winter Top 10 Beauty Products

Winter is here, and throught the past months as cold slowly but surely settled in, my beauty routine has changed.
Here’s my top 10 items I reach for these days:
Weleda Skinfood
This stuff is amazing for moisturising, well, anything that need moisture. I love how it keeps my hands soft, while penetrating super fast into the skin; this way I can use it all day long without worrying about leaving greasy marks on the keyboard or that I’ll be asking for help to turn a door knob. Cool stuff.

Alba Unpetroleum Jelly
This is the perfect alternative to the regular petroleum jelly( I’m not so keen on, for many reasons). I use it to moisurize my skin at night, to soothe chapped lips, nourish my under-eye area, on my heels, elbows, cuticles…etc. This stuff is so versatile and packed with goodness.

Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Great nourishing lipbalm to help out cracked lips, and helps them stay soft and moist, no matter how windy or cold it gets.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion
This creamy light body lotion helps moisturize, protect and nourishes dry skin. It penetrates well, leaving no nasty greasy residue behind.

Gehwol Foot Creams
These guys know how to take care of your feet. They have a variety of creams catering to your needs (well, your feet’s needs). My mother introduced me to this line and I absolutely love it during winter night, packed on with thick socks on top, to help soften skin, callus , cuticles… everything. Just because I keep nobody sees them, it doesn’t mean I need to neglect my feet all winter long.

The Renaissance Glove
This glove is amazing stuff, and I find it really manages to scrub away any dead cell or residue possible, and … no matter how often I dry brush, my glove still manages to get dead cellsm I use it in the shower, once or twice a week. The secret is to stay in the shower for a while to really soft skin up, making exfoliation that much easier and more effective.

Coconut Oil
My traditional winter-time hair mask. I like to lightly heat it up before application, and sometimes I leave it in overnight. It’s a very simple, basic yet effective mask, leaving hair soft, supple and super-hydrated.

Green Beaver Conditioners
Loaded  with healthy oils, good-for-your-hair plant extracts, vegan, canadian, these conditioners are light yet they pack a punch. They moisten the hair and leave it incredibly supple. I have no problem rinsing it out nor does it give me any breakouts, as other masks and hair products tend to. I love this company for so many reasons and their products are truly, truly great.

Thayers Witch Hazel
It comes in a variety of formulas and it makes a great skin toner. It helps me remove any residue from skin after cleansing, it soothes and disinfects and I don’t feel bad using it on my skin since it’s so natural and pure.

Healthy Oils
Cod liver oil, fish oil, flax oil, borage oil… Healthy oils keep you healthy and keep your skin looking great! I love my oils and they help me tremendously in keeping dry skin at bay especially during winter times. I take cod liver oil every day and make sure to add stuff like Barleans Swirls into my smoothies. I like their flaxseed oil too.

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