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Two Toned Lips, Nature, Summer and Peace

I couldn’t help it… ever since I saw this new two toned lip trend popping up everywhere I promised myself I have to try it. Of course, wearing this look on a date or at work isn’t exactly the easiest to pull off, but yesterday inspired by an outing in nature, I decided to give it a try.
Speaking of my little outing, I finally got to go visit a place both me and my mom have long wanted to go check out : Clef Des Champs Gardens. Clef des Champs is a local natural health company that grows and produces their own tinctures, herbal remedies, teas, capsules etc… I have long been a fan of the products and avid user; I have heard so many wonderful things about these gardens so I had to go see them and reconnect with nature. Seriously I am falling more and more in love with Quebec, it reminds me of home, it feels like home.
The lip combo I wore was a combination of MAC Ruby Woo (true matte red) and Lancome Fuchsia Clutch  (glossy cool fuchsia. I loved the combo, it actually looked quite nice and surprisingly muted, to my surprise. I can’t wait to try more combos.

Coolest coffee shop in Val David, called C`est La Vie

                                                            Clef des Champs Gardens

Wonderful place Val David and its surroundings. Sure, Montreal is a fun place to live in, but I love the fact that just outside of it there is so much to do and see, there is so much beauty and nature to discover and help you disconnect from the busy, hectic city life.

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