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Shop for free with StyleTradeMTL! on May 11th

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to share an awesome event happening in our lovely Montreal tomorrow, May 11th. It’s a style swapping event: Style Trade Mtl. Basically, you bring in 10 items (clothes, shoes, accessories, bags etc) that you don’t want/use/love anymore and leave with 10 new ones. How ingenious! I know I am not the only girl that buys stuff, wears once and then forgets about it. I have managed to dig up 10 items I simply don’t give enough love too and hope they will find a new home tomorrow. Not surprisingly, I have a lot of high heels, I always buy them on an impulse and never wear them. I am tall enough as it is and God knows I can’t walk in that! I would love to have them be put to good use and get the love they deserve from someone else.

So, grab you tickets, or just show up with ten items tomorrow and let the fun begin.

Take a look at the invite and all the cool sponsors waiting for us there. Check out the website here.

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