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Rimmel Volume Accelerator Mascara

I am not a fan of huge brushes in mascaras. Benefit’s Bad Gal and Dior’s Diorshow left me unimpressed and so did this one.

The formula is wet, very wet. And the brush is huge. I have relatively big eyes and I have still had issues with applying it without getting it all over my lid and under. The bristles are quite far apart, not grabbing lashes they way I like it, therefore not adding enough volume, but rather pushing a bunch of hairs together making them look spiky and unnatural. Due tot the wetness of the formula, the product takes a while to dry and building second or third coats can be a challenge, unless the look you were going for were spider lashes.

The product has a faint smell, but nothing that bothered me. It lasts ok through the day, and I do get marks on my brow bone and tiny flakes here and there.
As for the  ” Naturally strengthens and conditions for visibly multiplied lashes” claim, well, not that I expected wonders, but I saw absolutely no improvement in my lashes after about 2-3 weeks of using this. I know it’s not enough time to asses it, but honestly I couldn’t endure using this mascara for longer than that. I would find myself dreading putting it on each morning, knowing how much effort it would take me to make it look natural, combing through my lashes with a second spoolie, wiping of smudges, waiting for it to dry, etc.

Overall, this is a mediocre mascara. It’s hard to use, the brush is big and bulky and the nature of the bristles make it very hard to achieve voluminous lashes, the formula is wet and dries slowly and it doesn’t lasts particularly well through the day.
I would pass on this one.

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