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Revlon Age Defying Firming and Lifting Foundation and Concealer Review

Revlon newest addition to their foundation family is the Age Defying Firming and Lifting Make-up. “. Firm. Lift. Hydrate. Cover. ” That’s the promise. Did it live up to it? 

First of all, the foundation gives medium coverage. It`s light and can be built up without having it look or feel heavy or cakey. The finish is lovely. It makes my skin look alive, it has a lovely dewy finish while not looking shiny or greasy and managing to help up pretty well during the day. I didn`t notice the foundation break apart on my oily T-zone as the hours passed by and it sort of got better as the day went on. It`s a hydrating foundation and it applies like a dream. I haven`t been this in love with the finish of a foundation since MUFE HD… that says it all! The only downside to it, the biggest flaw that makes it impossible for me to wear it is the oxidation. I have never had this happen to me to this extent with any other product out there. I was matched to my shade by the Revlon Make-up Artist at an event… and while I do find it a tad darker (I get lighter and lighter as the winter goes on) it was nothing I couldn`t work with. I was horrified when I got asked by people if I got a tan or went away down south recently on days I was wearing this foundation. I tested it over and over again… this foundation turns at least 1-2 shades darker as the day goes on, which is somewhat frustrating. I do want to run to the drugstore and get 2-3 lighter shades, but I know they only way to really know how they will react to my skin is to go, wear an apply them and that`s so much trouble, especially now that it`s winter and I barely have any exposed skin to do suck kind of drugstore experiments. 

I want to reach for this foundation every day.. because I know it`s everything I ever wanted. I love what they`ve done with the formula. It gives me amazing, toned, evened out skin. But it also turns me into a chameleon and I don`t like that. It`s embarassing to walk around with my fingers crossed and run up to a mirror eveyr chance I get in order to make sure my face is in the same family shade as my body. Ain`t nobody got time fo`that! 

I`m currently waiting for a Revlon sale to go and pick up a few lighter shades and make this work for me. 

Revlon Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment

This concealer initially turned me off with it`s little sponge applicator. You might see a sponge, I see a bacteria incubator! Seriously tho! The fact that I love this concealer made me overlook that pesky design flaw, I simply avoid applying it directly to my face, and rather squeeze out the product onto my finger and then apply it to my face. While this is not the most high coverage concealer, it`s does take care of minor imperfections and dark circles, it`s powerful enough to erase dark spots and it has a nice, hydrating finish which never settles into fine lines and pores, making this bad boy an item I can`t seem to be able to leave the house without. All in all its a great concealer.
The concealer does contain vitamin C and licorice to help brighten dark spots, and I do have one of those I`ve been testing it out on. I can say it did help a bit, as the spot seems much less noticeable… but I need more time to asses it`s lightening powers and see if it can get that sucker to completely disappear.

To conclude… the Age Defying Firming and Lifting Make-up foundation is the best Revlon foundation so far, formula-wise in my opinion. I just have major issues with oxidation and that`s a huge issue I can`t seem to get over. The concealer is a good product. It`s not spectacular, it`s not a novelty or something worth running to the drugstore for, but if you do stumble on a sale, it`s worth picking up.

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review 

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