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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liner Review and Swatches

      Every now and then I get color cravings. This time I woke up in the middle of the night with this urge for a dark blue eyeliner! None of the shades in my stash were the right shade of blue of course… yada, yada, yada… enter Physicians Formula Gel Cream Liner for blue eyes. Now, I don’t have blue eyes, and I won’t get into the whole color-eye coordination thing, which is so passé . I wear whatever color I want and feel like! 
       The kit has three pots of gel-cream liners. A black one with tiny specs of glitter/shimmer/whatever, a brown and a darkened blue. The liners are very creamy and pigmented and the colors are actually, very nice.

       The dark blue hit the spot! Opaque and creamy, it doesn’t set very fast giving you time to smudge if that’s what your heart desires. I found two is the magic number if you want to layer it. Go under and you might have some streakiness and not get as much pigmentation, go over and you it can start cracking and crumbling. 
        The brown is stunning. See for yourself. It’s a unique colour, a soft brown with a touch of gold (very very subtle) and it works great as a liner as well as a cream eyeshadow. It surprised me actually, I don’t like working with liquid or cream shadows in general, but this looked so opaque and matte and it completely won me over.
       The black liner is the one I am the least excited about, but that’s because everyone has a black gel/cream liner already. I have a few in my stash already that I need to finish. Regardless, it’s a nice basic black with tiny specks of blue shimmer. Nothing exceptional but practical.

        The formula is tacky and creamy enough to smudge and it doesn’t set super fast so you can play with it. Once is set, took about 3 minutes, it stays put and I didn’t experience fading or smudging or bleeding. The brush isn’t half bad, I wouldn’t use it to line my eyes, as it’s not precise or thin but you can pack on color on the lid or use it as a lip brush.

      Overall, we have a winner! This set two gorgeous colors (blue and brown) that won me over and a basic black, a staple in most collections. The formula is good, the wear is good, pigmentation is good… it’s all good! Another drugstore gem you worth checking out.

                                                        Size compared to Mac Fluidlines

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