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Paula’s Choice Skincare: Luxury Skincare on a Budget

I am currently on a much needed vacation but that doesn’t stop me from blogging because my beauty adventures never stop. I am spending some quality time with the family in the motherland, catching up with old friends, rediscovering places I used to call home and relaxing as much as possible. It’s crazy how hooked we can get to out busy schedules and hectic lifestyles and being in this easy-come, easy-go environment takes some adjusting. Last time I had to fly for such a long distance and period of time my skin didn’t like it. I had break-outs and flakiness, red patches of dry skin and overall blotchiness that I spent so much time trying to cover up as I am not familiar with skincare lines around here and was afraid they would exacerbate my reaction.
Before I left I got the opportunity to test out a line I have been hearing tons of good things about, a line I’ve had my eye on for a while but really just had a hard time deciding what to try out first. After my skin consult with one of their experts I decided I’ll have good skin on this trip. If you are a skincare aficionado like I am, Paula’s Choice will the answers to your prayers; they have peels and serums and moisturisers and scrubs with the latest skincare ingredients on the market.
The aestethician  I had the consultation with pretty much put together a regime to address my main skin concerns: blotchiness, texture issues, small clogged pores, dehydrated skin. I generally have to say I have pretty good skin, I take really good care of it and the work pays off; I do however have to exfoliate on the daily sometimes to keep my skin happy and clean and to avoid any clogged pores and potential breakouts. My other main issue is dehydration, basically my skin needs water and humectant agents such as hyaluronic acid have been a Godsend. Let’s see what Paula’s Choice protocol I got:

1. Skin Balancing Cleanser
2. Skin Balancing Toner
3. 2% BHA Liquid
4. RESIST Serum
5. Hydralight Lotion

1. Skin Balancing Cleanser
2. Skin Balancing Toner
3. RESIST 1% AHA 1-2 nights a week
4. RESIST serum
5. RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol

I have been using this routine pretty much exclusively for the past two weeks and given the long flights and complete change in climate my skin is behaving great. I left the Retinol moisturizer behind as I was afraid of using it during this period when I am out and about a lot, especially given that I am planning to hit the beach in Turkey next week. I still make sure I wear a healthy dose of SPF whenever I step outside given that frequent exfoliation can make your skin more sensitive to the rays.
I love the simplicity of the products, I like how the main active ingredients are listen in the name, everything is pretty straight forward and if you are a fan of Paula’s work you can understand how to use them and why. She simplified skincare, using active ingredients and empowering the us, the consumers, by educating us on ingredients. I am very in touch with my skin and I can tweak my routine according to its needs. I also like the fact that she has everything; her line has a product for anyone and they provide help to make you make the right choice for your skin. You don’t pay for fancy packaging, there is no miracle cream that cures it all, every ingredient is curated for a specific skin issue and the prices are more than reasonable.

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*This is a sponsored post. My opinions ad experiences with the products are authentic and honest.

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