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OPI Rapidry Top Coat and Spray Review

    It`s OPI. It`s a fast dry top coat. It`s got my name all over it.

     Actually I picked up a set of OPI`s RapiDry set from Winners, containing their RapiDry Spray as well as the top coat.

    I had high expectations from this top coat, being OPI and all. A fast drying top coat is a must for me. I mean, once you start using them, you can pretty much never go back to regular polish application. You just can’t.

     This top coat has a decent consistency, not too thick nor too thin. I apply it usually after about a minute of polish application, when the nail is not wet but not dry either. First problem I encountered, was the fact when I do apply that first topcoat, it picks up colour. I have never experienced that with other fast drying top coats. The beauty of them is that you can apply them on almost wet polish and allow the product to dry, so I was disappointed to see this one slightly smudge and pick up colour. Not on the the main issue I’ve experienced with RapiDry: the bubbles! Yup, it dries with little air bubbles, a lot of little air bubbles. I tried it several times and to make sure it wasn`t my application, a particular brand of polish, the way I shake it… every single time I had bubbles forming. boo! The shine is moderate, nowhere near as glossy and shiny as Seche Vite and the wear wasn`t phenomenal. The only advantage this product has over Seche Vite is the fact that I didn`t experience shrinking, even 3-4 days into wearing it.

     Overall, this top coat did not make me happy. I would recommend Sally Hansen Insta Dri, it`s much cheaper and performs better, even tho it’s not my absolute favourite.

     While I’m at it, I’ll tell you what I thought about the RapiDry spray.  It’s my first non polish quick drying product and it worked okay. I spritzed on nails about 60 seconds after application and it did help my nails dry a bit faster than on their own, however, I don’t like the delivery of the product: the spray. It goes everywhere! I still need a topcoat as this spray will not help nails be as glossy and shiny but I do use this for quick manis or when I need to layer coats and I am short on time.

Close-up of Revlon Trendy with OPI Rapidry on top. See the bubbles?

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