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NYX Epic Ink Liner

NYX Epic Ink Liner

I feel am always on the hunt for a long lasting liquid eyeliner. The new-ish NYX Epic Ink Liner promises to be waterproof, comes in a pen form with a precise tip and many have compared it to cult favourite like KVD Tattoo Liner and Stila Stay All day Liner. Naturally, I had to try it.


The eyeliner comes in convenient, sleek pen form and has a precise tip similar to a fine make-up brush. The brush on this eyeliner is absolutely amazing and makes drawing the finest lines so much easier. The formula of the liner is a rich, satisfying black that dries down to a lovely demi-matte finish, just enough to add a little dimension and oomph.  The wear on this eyeliner is great, I have yet to test it under water but I did wear to the gym and it survived quite well. If you have oily eyelids, like I do, this eyeliner will eventually smudge a tad by the end of the day. I find priming my eyes well helps a lot when it comes to keeping the eyeliner intact on the eye and prevent bleeding during application. 

All in all, I like this eyeliner. It’s one of the best ones I found and it’s especially impressive for a drugstore product. While the product is not completely budge proof for me due to my insanely oily lids, I do find it to be long lasting. I love the compact pen form and I am a huge fan of the fine, precise brush. 




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