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#MyKissStory Lise Watier Baiser Velours Lipstick Review and Swatches

Lise Watier is a brand with a reputation, a very good reputation… yet somehow I always pass them by in the drugstore. They are a Canadian brand so I guess there is not as much hype in the blogosphere and on YouTube when they release something new. Well, this needs to change, because Lise Watier is in the game!

Their newest launch are the Baiser Velours which translates into Velvet Kisses or as the description says, Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. The packaging is sleek and elegant, I like the matte finish, I find it to be a great length and weight and feels like a quality product when you hold it. The applicator has a tapered doe foot shape, the wider flat side is great at filling in the lips with color while the pinched tip works great to line or fill in tight spaces such as the corners of the mouth, define the cupids bow etc.

The formula is where these lipsticks blew me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product, I got the velvet part from the name but this lipstick is so much more than that. The highly pigmented cream is lighter than anything I’ve ever experienced in a lip product. The applicator makes it a breeze to fill in my lips and line them in one shot. The formula is light and feels so comfortable on the lips; it’s moisturizing and light to the point I keep forgetting I am wearing anything on my lips when I have it on. It feels like nothing, it feels like my naked lips on a good lip day. The cream is very pigmented and one swipe is enough to  get full opacity. It applies like a dream, no tugging or pulling, no need to moisturize the lips days in advance. The formula will eventually set and dry to a velvet finish, which to me is a matte that doesn’t look flat. The lips still look plump and comfortable, the formula keeps the whole day and manages to look just as soft and supple as it did 10 minutes into application. The formula is not transfer proof but it’s incredibly long wearing. I got a good 10 hours of wear on an average day where I snacked, drank lots of water and tea and had a light lunch. I experienced no bleeding, no fading, just minor wear on the insides of the lips after lunch; my lips never felt dry or uncomfortable… the only problem was I kept forgetting I was wearing anything on my lips and almost had an accident or two where I would bite into something and smudge it. 

Lise Watier did a fantastic job with the shades, they marry so well with the formula… 
Eternal Kiss is my favourite, a rich neutral red, an absolutely perfect red that everyone asks me about when I’m wearing. It’s stunning, it looks so sophisticated and both the formula and the shade were made for one another.
Party Kiss is a warm toned bright pink; I can see this shade being perfect for spring. It’s quite bright and I find the color doesn’t quite suit my yellow toned complexion on its own but I do like mixing it with the next shade to give my lips more dimension.
Passion Kiss is a darkened fuschia, it’s cool toned and it looks absolutely fantastic. When you apply these lipsticks, they catch the light differently in different places on the lips and give the lips depth and dimension… there’s something about this formula and they way it reflects light that it takes your lips to a whole new level. 

Overall, as you probably can guess, I LOVE these lipsticks. Seriously, they are amazing and blew me away. Everything from the formula, to the colors, the wear, the applicator… they are amazing. Everything about Baiser Velours is amazing. Fantastic job Lise Watier
Oh, wait! I will take a moment here and make a comment on the name of the product, which is the only flaw I can find in this product … I can only imagine any non French speaker having a really hard time pronouncing it and understanding what it means.(FYI Baiser Velours translates into Velvet Kiss ). I get it, Lise Watier is a Quebec brand, but if you wanna appeal to the whole country you’ve gotta make it easy for customers to at least pronounce the names of your products; for a start. If they wanted to give it that French flair, why not add some to the name of the individual shades and make it easy for everyone to understand what the formula and lipstick range is all about?
Let the name pull them in, give them an idea on what the product does… just my two cents.

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