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Misslyn Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

Misslyn is a new brand of nail polishes available at Shoppers Drug Mart or Pharmparix (in Quebec). The brand is owned by ARTDECO Cosmetic Group and is already pretty popular in Germany and Europe. It launched in Canada at the end of last year and I has a chance to try a few polishes from their line.

The three polishes I tested were MatadorSpiced Wine and Head Over Heels.

Head Over Heels is a bright, warm orange. I got good coverage in the first pass but two coats will really allow the color to build depth and allow the texture to get that gel like finish. With my regular Essie Good To Go top coat I got 6-7 days of wear with no loss of shine or chipping and only minor tipwear. Spiced Wine is a deep burgundy that much like any other darker color requires patience and precision during application. I found I needed two coats to get that gel texture and to allow to color to built that intensity and depth. It’s a beautiful color and I love how it contrasts with my pale winter skin. I got decent wear out of this one as well, with minor tip wear when worn with the same top coat. Matador is a bright neutral red that pops against my skin now that I am as pale as I can be. Once against two is the magic number when it comes to coats with this polish, allowing the red to build opacity and intensity. Wear was great, no chipping, no fading and almost no tip wear for over 5 days, when worn with my favourite top coat.

Head Over Heels


Spiced Wine

All polishes have a great texture, not to thick nor too runny. They have great pigmentation and wear beautifully. I love the little precise brush that makes application a breeze and I love how these polishes keep their shine and have that extra-dimension to it, everyone seems to think I get my nails done when I wore any of the polishes. The colors are nice and look sophisticated and that is true even for the brightest one of the bunch, the orange, a color that can be hard to pull off sometimes.
Overall, I didn’t expect to like these polishes this much. I don’t know why, maybe because I’ve never heard of them? They are really, really good and definitely worth checking out next time you visit your drugstore. The formula is spot on!

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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