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Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara Review

      I blame my obsession with mascaras on Maybelline and their Volume Express Range. I was 16 when I first tried their original Turbo Boost and that’s what started my long love affair with the products. I have always considered Maybelline to do good mascaras, especially for a drugstore brand. Back in the day at least, they dominated the market and that idea is still imprinted in the back of my brain somehow.
However, the more I try their new mascaras, the more my opinion starts to change. Case in point: The Rocket.

The Rocket claims to have a “supersonic” brush (really?) and a FastGlide formula that’ll load big volume into your lashes and… make them explosive! That has to be the most intense description os a mascara I have yet to read. Handle with care!

    Now, the brush is nice, a synthetic brush with bristles set apart enough to coat and grab each lash beautifully. I find the brush to be a good size, fat and full but not huge enough to smudge product all over the lid during application.The formula is nice and wet, and if you move quick you can build several coats, as it doesn’t dry fast or stiff. The stopper allows quite a bit of a product to be loaded onto the wand, which can result in over-applying the product and ending up with spider lashes. Make sure you wipe the wand on a tissue or stopper and problem solved. So far, so good. I actually enjoyed this mascara and I was super happy to see Maybelline come out with this product. Props for the fragrance free formulas they have been rolling out! I love a brand that listens to customer feedback.

    The issue with this mascara came at night, removal time to be more precise. I had to go double check the packaging, in order to make sure I didn’t pick up the waterproof formula. Even so, I have waterproof mascaras that come off easily with my oil remover. This is the hardest mascara to remove. I have never experienced anything like it. The only thing that worked on it is the Annabelle Eye Make-up Remover Lotion, which is freaking aaaaamazing btw. 

One coat:

    Despite this being a pretty good mascara, every time I reach for it in the morning I remind myself how tough it is to take off at night, and put it back down into my mascara drawer. 🙁
    What I find to be the most ironic part is that Maybelline markets this as a Washable mascara. The word Washable it`s actually part of the name and claim it removes easily with soap and water. *scratching head*

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