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Maybelline ColorShow Blue Marks the Spot

There has been an abundance of textured nail polishes hitting up stands this year and while I might not be daring enough to try them all the speckled ones really drew me in. Illamasqua came out with their version this past spring and it was love at first sight when I saw swatches on Temptalia. the one draw back was of course the price rag, I just can;t bring myself to spulrge 20$ on a polish I would wear a few times only, so I jumped with joy when Maybeline came out with their own versions.

Of course I was attracked to the blue one, Blue Marks the Spot, a blue base with tons of white and whte particles in various shapes and sizes. The base of the polish is actually very light and not opaque at all, being more a wash of colour than a true polish. I found it worked best when layered over a polish as a base, preferabbly a pastel blue or white in this case to help bring out the colour. The little peices of “glitter” for lack of a better word, flow very nicely and got distributed evenly over the nail when applied. It set nicely, wasn’t bumpy and lasted well, (3-4 days, which is average for me). 

Overall this is such a fun polish, I got co many comments on it and it deffeintely hit the spot and satisfied my craving for a speckled polish.

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