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Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

I am a mascara fanatic! Of course, we all know, mascara is the cherry on top to any look, and pretty much we all want long, full, luscious lashes. Its the perfect way to accentuate the eyse, no matter the shape and colour.
I actually decided to keep all my mascara tubes this year, and I must have over 20 gathering in my mascara box, and unfortunatelly only a few I can honestly say I liked, and that I would repurchase.
Anyhow, I can blab on about mascaras forever… I am gonna try to focus and allocate this post to just one, the Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara.
The product claims to lenghten and curb and… that’s exactly what it does. My own lashes are sort of in rehab, after some experimentation with fake individual lashes and nasty permanent glue. I have medium length and full natural lashes, sometimes longer and fuller, sometimes in a slightly worse condition (now).
This mascara has no smell (big plus!!!!!) and is hypo-allergenic. The wand is the coolest part, shorter bristles all over, that manage to coat the lash nicely and elongate it, and a row of slightly longer ones that can comb them and further lengthen. Check it out. (click on img to see it up close 😉

So, yeah… it takes my lashes from frail to looooooong, which is exactly what I need.
The only downside to this mascara is the formula, and usually formula is not an issue for me. I find it can dry quite fast and I don’t get a chance to comb them thoroughly, in order to add fullness and definition. I do move slow, and can take forever to apply mascara as I try to grab every lash, but I find myself desperately wiggling the wand towards the end, and sometimes can end up with small clumps. One solution I have is to wipe the wand well before, apply a tiny layer, work fast (duuh) and comb away after. By applying as little product as possible in the beginning I avoid clumping and over applying product. I learned this trick from the ingenious Wayne Goss. He’s a genius!
Overall a good mascara. I reach for it daily, and I started getting compliments on my lashes again.
It removes easily at the end of the day and it wears beautifully; no flaking whatsoever. Bingo!

It’s going in the good mascara box!

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