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Make Up Forever Artisan Brushes Review: Blush and Round Shader Brush

I have two brushes from Make Up Forever’s new Artisan Brush line to review today. All I can say before I jump into the individual reviews is that OMG!, I now understand the difference between a high end brush and a drugstore one. The difference in quality, feel, look and performance is huge. Read on.

 160 Blush Brush

This brush was a godsend to me. If you’ve ever read my blog you know I own an obscene amount of blushes and highlighters and that I am sort of obsessed with cheek products. 
This brush is long a tapered. Everytime I pick it up I get goosebumps. The handle is sleek and made of wood with a sturdy ferrule and the softest hairs I have ever felt on a brush. It’s like they plucked them out of an angel’s wing. You can tell the brush was handmade as it has a slight asymmetry in the brush length, which I love since it makes it that much more versatile and easier to use. 
The 160 is a dream for applying any kind of powder blush and highlighter. It can pick up anywhere from a little bit to a lot of product (depending on how hard you press) and due t it’s tapered and rounded tip it applies and distributes the product with finesse and precision. It revolutionized my blush application. It’s so gentle it never moves the foundation underneath around while allowing you to build up the intensity of your blush gradually. 

210 Round Shader Brush – Small

 This eye brush also had that light handle with a sturdy ferrule and it packs the tiniest, densest hairs.
This is not your average shading brush. I love using this bad boy to smoke and wing out my eyeliners and to use it on my lower lash line. It’s refined and small enough to get in the toughest, tightest areas of my eye, but gentle enough that it manages to simply smoke out or blurr liners without smudging away the intensity of the pigment. This is one of those brushes I never knew I needed but now that I have it, I can’t understand how I ever managed without it.

Overall, if you want to invest the amazing brushes, these are it! I am already planning my next purchase. The brushes are so simple yet so luxurious. The handle is sleek and light, the ferule is strong and sturdy and packs the most amazing brushes I have ever seen. These brushes wash extremely well, they don’t shed or bleed and bounce right back into shape every single time. Amazing!

 *Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review

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