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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows Review: I300 Pine Green and D320 Golden Khaki

Happy New Year!

My first post for this year is a long over due review of a few Make Up For Ever products. I’ve had plenty of time to play around and test them and I am keeping my new year resolution of actually sharing my reviews and opinions on the products here rather than just on social media.

You probably already know that Make Up For Ever has reformulated and relaunched their entire eyeshadow collection: 210 new shadows in 5 different finishes. All of the shades use pigment atomization and water blend technology except for the matte shades. The matte shades use pigment micronization and contain nylon powder to replace the water-blend technology and make them easy to blend. Fancy!

 “This collection took 3 years to create and is the most extensive range of eyeshadows available on the market. Thanks to two groundbreaking technologies, the new Artist Shadow offers up to 88% pigment delivery and blends seamlessly into the skin for a flawless finish.” 

The shadows I have are I300 Pine Green (Iridescent)  and  D320 Golden Khaki (Diamond) and they both have a buttery feel and seem almost bouncy to the touch, think L’Oreal’s Infallible Eyeshadows but more packed and less gritty.

The Pine Green is smooth and buttery to the touch, it almost feels wet when I press my finger in it. Swatches with my finger yielded the most pigmentation, whenever I use a brush it takes some effort to pack it on and get an opaque, saturated swatch. When used on the lid I actually like this aspect of the shadow, I am not exactly a pro with eye make-up (yet!) and I like the fact that the shadow is not crazy pigmented allowing me to turn up the intensity gradually without blending until my wrist cramps up on me. I do find it builds nicely and it blends like a dream. I don’t have the patience to blend shadows properly so I appreciate how easy it is to smoke this shadow out. Fallout was minimal and lasting power is good, well above average. I use a primer because I have insanely oily lids that dissolve shadows in minutes. The color is a smoked green that everyone needs in their collection, it can be soft and edgy depending on the occasion and it complements brown eyes so well.

The Golden Khaki shadow is a sparkly olive with a similar texture to the Pine Green, maybe a tad gritter due to the higher shimmer content. Surprisingly it has a better pigmentationwhether I use a finger or a brush. I am in love with this shadow, the color is so easy to wear and the formula makes it so easy to use whether it’s a quick crease color for work or a smokey eye for a party. The finish on this shadow is “diamond” so it packs a little subtle, fine glitter
I am amazed at how well both colors adhere to the skin and somehow they still manage to move around and set nicely when blended out. They pack on superbly but have the least amount of fallout I’ve ever had with any shadows. 

The Make Up For Ever eyeshadows are a whole different experience when it comes to what we’ve come to know as eyeshadows. They are uniquely amazing. 

I actually wore the both shadows on New Years Eve, mostly because it was the one night when I could go all out with my makeup and glam it up. I also wore fake lashes for the first time in years and application was difficult, to say the least. Despite all that the shadows stayed put and looked great all night. 

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