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MAC Opulash Mascara Review

     I have never heard good things about MAC mascaras, yet I felt compelled to give them a try and see how I feel about them.

     I knew we were gonna have a problem the moment I saw the brush; I was never fond of big, jumbo sized brush mascaras. They are so messy and never seem to grab all the lashes properly, which, unfortunately, happened to be  the case with MAC’s Opulash.
      The most disappointing aspect of this mascara had to be the formula. Not only was it dry to begin with, but within a month is became this thick lumpy mess, straight out of the tube. I mean, seriously, a mascara with clumps already formed? Due to the fact that the brush is huge and the formula was so dry, I had the hardest time applying it. I had to wiggle and wiggle and really struggle to deposit some product on the lashes. It shouldn’t have to be that hard!

     After all that, I was left with below average looking lashes. Sad lashes, really. They clumped, got weighed down with product, were scanty (as the brush does nothing to separate) and due to the ferocious applicationl felt uncomfortable and my eyelid hurt a few times. I did get flakes through the day and it washed off easily at night.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this mascara. I am disappointed with MAC. C’mon guys… mascara, really?
At least I can back to MAC it…

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