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Lush Coal Face Cleanser and Dark Angels

I have tried both of these products numerous times and although sometimes I put them aside, for the sake of trying new products I always come back to them. They are both extremely good cleansers. Plain and simple.

Both products caught my attention with their main ingredient, charcoal, which helps absorb impurities and thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin. I have used charcoal many times internally to help with digestive issues and to detox, as it has a powerful ability to bind to toxins and soak them up like a sponge, so using it on my face intrigued me and … made a lot of sense. 

Coal Face Cleanser
It comes in the form of a bar, and you can get plenty of product by easily rubbing it in between hands. It cleanses beautifully. I remove my first layer of makeup with olive oil and use this cleanser to dissolve the oil residue and traces of makeup. It foams nicely and manages to get rid of everything without leaving my skin dry and “stripped”. Overall this is a very good cleanser, it’s effective and gentle and a small bar lasts for a long, long time.

Dark Angels
This is a wonderful exfoliator packed with charcoal, black sugar, rhassoul mud, avocado oil and other emollients such as glycerine and lanolin. The tiniest amount rubbed between hands with a bit of water will yield the most generous amounts of the most wonderful scrub. It’s very gentle on the skin but very exfoliating. I rub it thoroughly all over the face and sometimes leave it on for a few minutes to really allow the ingredients do their job: the sugars to exfoliate and refine skin, the charcoal and rhassoul to soak up toxins, and the avocado and glycerine to moisten and soften my skin. And it works. This scrub can double for a great face mask. It washes of f easily but sometimes I find it useful to use a micelle solution like Marcelle’s Soothing Cleansing Water or Bioderma Sensibio micelle solution to ensure I get every bit of this scrub off. Sometimes I have a hard time really washing it off so I do this extra step to ensure I have a squeaky clean face and balance out pH. 
Overall a really good scrub. It purifies the skin and exfoliates it gently, and I absolutely love the concept of the ingredients. Once again, good job Lush!

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