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Lise Watier Calligraph Cusion Eyeliner and Eyeliner Precision Brush Review

Lise Watier Calligraph Cusion Eyeliner and Eyeliner Precision Brush Review

Today I have a brand new product from Lise Watier to share with you: Calligraph Cushion Eyeliner
The eyeliner features the newest trend in beauty, the cushion technology. The product comes packaged in a pot and is dispensed through a foam applicator. The formula is wet and very pigmented and applies really well. One stroke of a brush dipped in the liner will deliver a rich, even line with no patches or balling up on itself. The formula is also incredibly long wearing, so much so that I find it sometimes challenging to remove at the end of the day. I found the best way to get rid of any traces of the liner is to soak a cotton pad in my favourite micellar water and hold it over the eye for about 20 seconds in order to get the product to break up and come off completely.

At the same launch Lise Watier introduced their new calligraphy inspired Eyeliner Precision Brush which features a delicate fine tip that is absolutely fantastic at tracing the finest of lines with great precision. I am in love with this brush and I think it’s probably my favourite liner brush up to date. It’s light and just easy to handle making it a breeze to line my eyes with precision no matter what type of product I use it with.

All in all, this eyeliner is pretty amazing, I enjoy everything about the formula, from the rich pigment to the way it applies and wears. The eyeliner brush is a fantastic tool that every self respecting make-up junkie needs in her arsenal.

At the event Lise Watier hosted to showcase the new launches for this summer I got introduced to the Escale Poudre Bronzante, a gigantic bronzer with warm undertones and a satin finish that is perfect for warming up the face and Smart Sun Universal UV Shield, a mineral sunscreen that works and looks so good on the skin. I use this stuff daily simply because the formula doesn’t leave that white cast all over my face, protects my skin and wears beautifully underneath make-up. I can’t recommend this stuff enough.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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