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La Femme Blushes (part 3)

Here is part 3 of the La Femme Blush swatches.

Peach Rouge: brownish peach, matte
Heather: nude peach, sheer
Apricot: orangey, muddy peach, subtle shimmer
Cinnabar: brownish-reddish, subtle sheen

Plum Frost: rich brownish golden, shimmery
Sienna: deep brown, neutral, matte
Soft Beige: nude brown, sheer, buttery, matte
Russet: reddish brown, brick colour, buttery, soft texture, vibrant, pigmented

Brandy Ice: violet brown, soft and buttery, nude shimmer
Bordeaux: very soft and buttery, rich coulour, deep wine-brown 
Red Wood: warm red, very soft and buttery
Crystal Cafe: deep rosy pink, sheen

Brick Red: cool toned red, rich pigment, buttery texture
Naturelle: peachy nude, sheer, matte
Nectar: pinky nude, sheer, powdery

I got all these beauties at MakeUpMania.

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