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Korres Yoghurt Line Products Review

     I remember when I first started getting into natural cosmetics, Korres was often recommended to me by all of my friends back home, in Europe. The brand wasn’t available in to me until recently when we finally joined the civilized world and Sephora opened its doors in Montreal, a few years ago, and until I saw that Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart) started caring the line as well.

      The Yoghurt Line intrigued me, as I have used the ingredient often in my many homemade beauty recipes. My grandma used to swear that yoghurt and sour cream are the secret to her skin and when I was in Greece my mom would have me slather the yummy goodness all over my hair, face and body and my skin was positively glowing. 

Yoghurt Instant Soothing Gel ($49.50)

    The Greek Gods must have heard my prayers, because this gel saved my face. My skin was a wreck when I started using this product, being dry and oily at the same time and flaking like crazy. The joys of winter! After trying, in vain, to bring some sort of balance and moisture to my skin by using the most heavy-duty moisturizers and oils in my arsenal, I gave up. Enter the Yoghurt Soothing Gel. My skin tingles slightly for a few minutes post-application but soon after it actually feels soothed surprisingly comfortable.
    My skin slurps this up, and I love using it under make-up. It’s very light, my skin never get oily or uncomfortable during the day and I got no break-outs so far, which is my main skincare concern when switching up my skincare routine.
     This gel made me realize that my skin was never dry, just very dehydrated. Basically, it doesn’t lack oil, but it lacks water. I love the feel of it, the texture, the way it gently keeps my skin fresh, clear and hydrated.

Milk Proteins Foam Cream Cleanser ($26)

     The first thing I noticed is the lack of harsh detergents on the ingredient list. Then I noticed all the good stuff in it; stuff like milk proteins, willow bark (natural salicylic acid), honeysuckle flower extract etc. It’s a very gentle cleanser, ideal for my morning routine, when I don’t really want a deep clean and all I need a gentle wash allowing me to prep my skin for the day without drying the hell out of it. I use it with my trusted Clarisonic and it foams beautifully, just the way I like it. I have to say, this is one of the best natural cleansers I have yet to use. I actually feels it cleans the skin, leaves no weird residue behind, it feels nice and nourishing and replaced my harsh anti-acne wash with no problem. I do have an issue with the price, I understand it’s natural and I appreciate the quality of the ingredients in a product but 26$ is a bit out of my range for facial cleansers.

Yoghurt Body Butter ($33)

    This is a very rich and indeed soothing moisturizing body cream. I was afraid it’ll be thick and tacky once I read the word body butter, but it penetrates very fast into my skin and it smells really nice. I love using this on my legs, which get crocodile-dry every single freaking winter. I used to dread the whole moisturizing process as I had to reserve about half an hour with most rich creams, waiting for them to get absorbed properly before getting dressed. This is an easy to use, simple yet rich skin moisturizer that feels superb on the skin.

So far I have to say I am quite taken with Korres, and their products do live up to the hype. I love discovering clean natural cosmetics that perform well and I am looking forward to trying more products from the brand.

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review.

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