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KeraStraight Montreal Event

Last week I was invited to attend a KeraStraight event at the l’Ultime hair salon  where I got introduced to their products, got a treatment and got to meet man behind the brand Jez Barnett.

Jez and Julie

Kayla, Jez and Zadia

I am not going to go into specifics of on what the products do and how they work because their website explains it so much better; long story short this line will give you the healthiest hair you never knew you had. I rarely straighten my hair because it’s fine and damaged and it’s impossible to get it straight. My ends are so split and frizzy and refuse to sleek down no matter the amount of time and product I spend on them. The KeraStraight treatment involves the stylist applying one of their masks to your hair and blow-drying the product in, strand by strand. The heat activates the magic ingredients. The next step is to wash the product out and style the hair as usual finishing with a flat iron which will cook the remaining product into the hair some more. The result is sleek, smooth, shiny hair. To my surprise the hair stayed that way for the next four days until I washed it. Now, my hair is back to it’s wavy ways, the way I usually wear it, but it feels so much thicker and stronger. A LOT thicker and a LOT stronger. It’s amazing.

A photo posted by Ellie S (@elliesmtl) on

A photo posted by Ellie S (@elliesmtl) on

As soon as my little sister finishes exams and I can get my hands on her I plan on replicating the treatment on her and take before and after photos so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, here are a few photos from the event.

Photo credit: Sacha James 

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