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Hair Treats Blue Saphire Led Titanium 1″ Flat Iron Review

Hair Treats and Beauty Route were kind enough to let me try out their new limited edition Digital Titanuim Flat Iron. The key features of these irons are the 1 Korean Golden Titanium plates, high performance ceramic heater for heat distribution and high speed heat recovery. high concentration of ions that help seal in vital moisture, repel humidity, reduces frizz and produces unmatched conditioning and shine. The iron also features various temperature setting, an ergonomic shape with a narrow tip (to get close to roots) damp to dry styling capacities and an automatic shut off after 1 hours (genius!).

The first thing I noticed about the iron was how slim and light it was compared to my other flat irons. I love the tangle free cord and the swivel thing it has, making it so easy to maneuver and impossible to tangle it up. The plates heat up very fast, being ready to use in seconds. The adjustable temperature settings range from 130° to 230°. I usually use the second and third setting to straighten my hair, the third option working much faster and giving me better results in one pass. My hair is not the easiest to straight as it has a natural wave to it, this iron does a great job at getting it pin straight in one or two passes. Due to the slim design it`s very easy to handle and grab every little strand. I find I get best results when I section my hair and work with slim strands, this ensures the hair gets flattened out properly and it gets even heat distribution. I would strongly recommend prepping your hair with a moisturizing product and heat protection to help give it a bit more slip and making styling easier while protecting your hair from the heat. Using a comb to help flatten and arrange the hair strands before passing the iron will also give you a smooth, long lasting finish, so take those extra few minutes to work with your hair and you`ll notice the difference. Prepping the hair with a moisturizing agents and helping it slip and flow between the plates will minimize the amount of time it`s exposed to heat and yield awesome results. I was able to successfully curl my hair with this iron with ease, once again the slim design made it easy to maneuver and I didn`t feel like I had carpal tunnel by the end of the curling session

Here are a few looks I achieved with this iron

Overall, this is a great tool; I love the smart and slim design and the results I get when using it. It heats up fast, it`s easy to maneuver and it gives me beautiful, sleek, straight hair which is all I could ask for. I can`t wait to bring along with me on my trip in Europe next month, it tames my wavy, unruly hair fast and with ease and I appreciate the fact that I can either curl or straighten my hair with one tool. Last but not least I love the cool colors these irons come in.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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