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Glow with Glow Cleanse! Review, My Experience, Tips and Tricks

This post is long overdue, but the past month has been hectic for me and for some reason I haven’t been able to sit down and write a blog post, no matter how hard I tried. Lots of changes in my life as of recently and while my mind is rambling I can’t seem to able to sit still and write. I go through weird phases, especially during the winter months. ugh!
As my first post of the year, I find it appropriate to take the time to talk about a cleanse, since January is the month of resolutions, especially health related ones. Right before the holidays I had the pleasure of trying out this new local juice fasting system: Glow Cleanse

I have been working in the natural health industry since I’m 19 and when I don’t play with make-up I’m a naturopath so I like to think I know my stuff, especially when it comes to cleanses and eating well. With small exceptions I generally practice what I preach. I am a vegetarian, eat clean, work out, take tons of supplements, work out, detox regularly… if you follow me on Instagram you know I am a complete [natural] health freak. So when Glow Cleanse approached me to try out their system I was like… “Hell Yeah!!!”.

The concept is incredibly cool, smoothies, made by Crudessence, the staple restaurant in clean, raw and vegan eating in the 514, got delivered to my door step the night before the day I was supposed to start my cleanse. You get 6 bottles of different flavours along with the cutest thermal insulated lunch bag, to bring them along with you at school, work or wherever you may need to go.

The smoothies tasted fresh and delicious, and this is coming from an avid smoothie drinker. I love the fact that they use smoothies rather than juices; this makes the drink much more consistent and you get all the fiber and that whole food synergy going on. I am personally not a fan of juicing. you throw away all the fiber and so many essential nutrients, the juice is often just half of the goodness and most often it just ends up spiking up your blood sugar while delivering some benefits. Whole is better!

Now, given the fact that I did the cleanse in the middle of the winter, a time not usually recommended for this, while working, running around and doing my Insanity workouts… I had to make some adjustments. The program suggests you drinking only the 6 bottles through the day and nothing else.

I decided to add protein to my first morning smoothie, right after my intense workout, because Lord knows I love my protein. I had the second smoothie for lunch after getting to work and by mid afternoon I was starving. I had some raw cashews and that took the edge off and continued to have my third smoothie at around 6PM. By the time I got home I was starving and I really couldn’t ingest another drink so I made myself a salad with some tempeh, for protein. The next day I repeated the experience. Three smoothies, cashews, and a big salad and tempeh for dinner. I drank ridiculous amounts of water and took my protein and greens in my morning smoothie, along with my usual supplements: omegas, Biotin, zinc, antioxidants, kelp and such.

I changed the program not because I am rebel (although I am) but because I like to listen to my body, because I can’t stand to starve and because I know what nutrients I need. I am not a foodie, but I need solid food at least once a day and I need my protein, especially after my workouts. Another reason I decided to tweak the cleanse was the weather and the fact that both days were incredibly active for me. A cleanse should be generally done every change of season, juice fasts particularly in warmer months and according to all the books I’ve read and personal experiences, you must rest during those days. But then again, that’s why I probably never did a juice fast to begin with… I mean who has the time and patience to stay home in bed for three days while drinking beet and carrot juice? Not me!!! You can give your system a break every now and then, do cleanses similar to Glow Cleanse and gently incorporate them into your lifestyle without any sacrifices.

I felt fantastic after those two days. I felt so good that I kept up the routine for another two days and every now and then repeat the experience with home-made smoothies. Not as tasty and much more time consuming. I miss the variety and the fun flavors of Glow Cleanse, which makes me want to order and entire week worth, like… NOW!

So there you have it! My experience with Glow Cleanse. I hope I’ve inspired you to try them out and make a few healthy changes in your diet. My motto is… everything you eat should taste delicious and bring you at least one benefit!

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