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Garnier Whole Blends Review

Garnier recently released Whole Blends, a drugstore range of hair care that was already incredibly popular in France under the name Ultra Doux. The line was born in 1982 and originally featured four shampoos enriched with plant extracts. Over the years the line grew to include a wide variety of products, from conditioners to mousses and masks all featuring gentle ingredients, plant extracts and essential oils. Today the line has new formulas that are paraben and silicone free. they launched a biodegradable shampoo and hair oils and they continue to expand their range with new, natural additions.

I was lucky enough to try out a few products across the range, I actually purchased some while travelling in BC because I was so curious about them and got some PR samples.
I have pretty long, blonde, damaged, dry and frizzy hair so the Avocado Oil and Shea Butter line seemed the perfect fit for me. The shampoo has a rich, luxurious feel to it and cleanses the hair while leaving it soft and supple. The conditioner is almost like a thick mask, it does a great job at quickly conditioning my hair and leaves it very soft and supple. What impressed me the most about this duo is the feel and performance of the formulas. They feel… high end. My hair got hydrated and tamed without being weighed down or not getting clean enough. The formula does a great job at cleansing and conditioning at the same time and I love the way my hair feels and looks after using it.

I was attracted to the Honey Treasures Repairing Mask mainly because of the ingredients: honey, royal jelly and propolis. The mask had a rich texture and did a wonderful job at repairing and hydrating the hair without weighing it down.

The Green Tea and Green Apple range is great for those days when you need more deep cleansing like after a sweaty workout or a night out when you went a little overboard with the hair spray and volumizing powders. The shampoo does a great job at leaving you with clean, refreshed hair while deep cleansing it, the conditioner is not as heavy and nourishing as the avocado and shea butter one which but does a decent job at moisturizing and detangling the hair.

Overall, I think the new Whole Blends range is definitely worth checking out. The products are well above drugstore quality and they perform really well.

*Some products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinion or review.

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