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Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Review

It was my little sister that introduced me to this lipbalm earlier this year, and later on got more mini sizes as my birthday gift from Sephora.

I don’t have any major lip problems, but like the average gal, I enjoy having smooth, soft, supple lips and occasionally might need some intense treatment and protection when weather takes a toll on them (extreme Canada winters or intense Montreal summer days).
I can see how this product is called a “treatment” versus a “lip balm” as it insanely moisturising. It has a rich, dense texture, without feeling heavy or sticky. It managed to deposit enough product on the lips with just one application and it lasts for a good 3 hours. I went to the beach with it, I went out in a snow storm with it… and for the first time ever my lips were protected and felt incredibly good at the end of the day. No lipbalm managed to do that for me ever before.
I could say it is one of the best lip products I have ever used.
My only complaint would be the fact that during summer and heat these products melt, I’ve had them break on me during a hot day, so I find myself being extra careful when applying them. The last thing I would want is to have my 20 something dollar lipbalm end up on the side-walk. Which brings me to my second issue with this product: the price. But then again… it is an incredible product.

I enjoy using the classic one on a regular basis and the Rose one for that regular “just bitten” lip look. It deposits just the right amount of colour to the lips to make them look naturally flushed.

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