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Fashion Beauty Panel: How do you style your hair for a night out?

Last week Fashion Magazine challenged us to come out and show our favorite night-out hairstyle. Panic! My hair is not my favorite feature, nor is it in best condition. Mother Nature really didn’t gift me in this department, add to that stress and hormones and the fact that in the past I got over any minor or major issue in my life bu hitting up the drugstore section hair hair dyes and decide to take it all out on my tresses. Honestly, they shouldn’t allow women to buy bleach without a friend’s note attesting that you have not been going through any sort of break-up, job loss, or any dramatic event of any kind in the past two weeks.

My hair is in rehab right now. No dye for over one year, masks and … well, I am still working on the heat part. But I figured, hey I learned to manage my terrible hair and along the way came up with little tips and tricks. I might not have a  fancy up-do but I have mastered the ability to turn my frizzy, fine , damaged mess of a hair into a decent looking mane. 

This is my little contribution to last week’s challenge:

My hair is dry, fine, damaged, wavy and frizzy. It’s very difficult to manage and I seem to have two left hands when it comes to styling it. If I know one thing, that’s volume. So whenever I got out, my main goal is to enhance and make due with the unruly curls nature gave me and make it as bouncy and voluminous as I can. I used a thickening hair tonic at the roots and a blob of styling cream to protect my tresses and help the style last longer. Blow dry upside down. Section hair and curl with straightening iron here and there in the direction of the curl. Then I twist the hair section while hot. This will help define the curl and give hair that choppy/piecy aspect. I love this technique as it helps camouflage my dry and split ends . At the end, I spray a bit of flexible hair spray and use some serum to tame those flyaways and add shine. Shake head lightly, breaking up the little twirls, your curls will fall and set really nicely while not compromising the volume. During the night or before taking pictures, just fluff and go to revive the style.
Products used: L’Oréal EverStrong Thickening Tonic, Bumble and Bumble Styling Crème, Elin Bianco Treatment Serum, Sebastien Reshaper Hairspray and Hair Treats Knots Out Brush

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