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Fashion Beauty Panel: Celebrity Hair and Make-up / Scarlett Johnasson

This week`s challenge was to come up with a look by a celebrity that inspires us. This was hard. I mean, every celebrity inspires me more or less. I blame J Lo for my highlighter collection. But one celeb I was always compared to and I somehow relate to is Scarlett Johansson. I loved her since I saw one of her first movies,“ An American Rhapsody“, (story very similar to my life) all the way to her portraying the Black Widow in Iron Man and The Avengers. You know… I have a soft spot for Marvel and action heroes. There is just something about Scarlett, the roles she played in, the way she acts, her natural beauty… I love her.

So here is my take on her sort of signature look: soft eyes, glowy, flushed cheeks and juicy plump lips.

I have always had a soft spot for Scarlett Johansson. I find her beauty look quite natural and down to earth, yet she is always so polished and has an effortless sort of sex appeal.
This is a look I wear on a daily basis, which has a lot of elements inspired from Scarlett’s signatures look. I used a cat-eye liner to define eyes and get that flirty feline look, while keeping the rest of the shadow colours warm and soft. I applied a wash of peachy eyeshadow all over the lid and defined the crease with it and used a shimmery champagne colour on the brow bone and the inner corner.
Scarlett usually plays up her complexion and her lips and that’s exactly what I did. After using a light, natural looking foundation, I contoured with a matte bronzer to help emphasize my cheekbones. Next, I used a shimmery gold bronzer on the points of the face where sun naturally hits. The key is to use a very golden bronzer and be very light handed, I wanted to add a touch of bronze and keep it natural, especially since I am quite pale. On the cheeks I usually use a peachy-coral blush mixed with a glowy one (think M.A.C Mineralizing Skinfinish) and then I added a highlighter on top. This gives me those chiseled, glowing Scarlett Johansson cheeks.
To get a natural glossy wash of colour on my lips, I mixed a coral liptar with a pink lip butter. Scarlett always has juicy, glossy lips with just a hint of colour.

Products used: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation, It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Concealer and Brow Pencil, Lancôme Translucent Mineral Face Powder and Bronzer in “Camel,” Annabelle Perfect Bronzer, Estée Lauder Blush in “ Peach Nuance,” Bare Minerals the Shining Moment Luminizer, M.A.C Mineralizing Skinfinish in “Northern Lights,” Stila Eyeshadow, Inglot Eyeshadow in “AMC 08,” Marcelle Twist Push-Up Mascara, OCC Liptar in “Grandma,” Revlon LipButter in “Strawberry Shortcake”

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