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DIY Jewelry Organizer and Christmas Decorations

     Pinterest is getting to me. I have major DIY fever. The fact that the weather is getting crappier by the day and that I’m running out of outdoor activities to-do and general willpower to face the cold, is not helping either. Browsing all those adorable boards has awaken this crafty side of me, side I didn’t even knew I had. Not that I’m complaining. I am actually enjoying the creative process, bonding with sis while doing all kinds of projects, the calming effect it has on my fragile nervous system and the whole family seems to love our new decorations.

     Anywho… here’s an idea of a fun super mega easy craft even I, and my two left hands, were able to put together. Jewelry organizer.
    This is so easy it and it requires little to no explanation. Take a pinning board, pins and cotton string (works best) and pin the string across the board (duh). Make sure you go around the pin once or twice and secure it tightly. I used additional pins halfway through to support the weight of the earrings, once they’re on.

     I left some space available for necklaces and such, the light stuff. I also tried putting some of my stud-type earrings on and figured out the hard way that pinning the whole before and simply putting the raring in is the best way to do it. Don’t try to stab the studs in, if they are fragile they will break. Lost a pair.

 Wanna see what else we did? Well, this year we decided to decorate you know, not two days before Christmas as we usually end up doing, and kinda got carried away. We used some acrylic paint and tons of nail polishes to decorate various jars and cups and stuff. Custom made candle holders!
I also found a stack of old Christmas cards we got in the past 2 years or so, and put them to good use. I cut up my favourite ones, pinned them to another pinning board and check it out below.


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