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Clarins Fall 2015 Launches

For every month this Fall, you can look forward to new products from Clarins infused with natural, organic ingredients. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:
The August collection highlights organic cocoa butter as well as organic redcurrant extract:

 The Pretty Day 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette |$39.00  contains eye-shadows that emphasize the eyes without being too much or too little.

 Meanwhile, the Pretty Night Look 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette | $39.00 contains darker shades that highlight all eyes to perfection, whatever their color.

Clarins has also put together a day/night product package that sets up all the basics to create that perfect nude made-up look for dayand a more intense look for night.

Their new long-wear eyebrow pencils offer a velvety sweep of color are a double tool: they are flexible and accurate pencils to draw the curve of the eyebrows and spiral brush to style and discipline.

In the skin care department, the limited edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm | $15.00

offers real care benefits, enriched with a nourishing moisturizing plant cocktail provides 8 hours of moisture.

September is all about Jojoba oil:
Joli Rouge | $27.00 moisturizing lipstick leaves dazzling colour on the lips and a subtly satin finish for lips that remain silky-soft for several hours. A smooth, creamy highly moisturizing formula which beautifully shapes the lips and leaves them softer and more subtle.

Choose from 25 beautiful colors!

Treat your lips to lip liners. These give you a unique make-up look: a lip pencil that adapts to your skin tone. Neutral shades blend with your lipstick color. Softly textures, enhanced with Vitamin E, they glide easily to define the natural contour of your lips with precise application and long-lasting results.
Lip Liner Pencils | $26.00

 For every complexion, some Joli rouge shades are recommended for a perfect match between complexion and her lips.

Finally, October’s features the Narrow-Leaf Plantain as its’ natural ingredient:

 Super Restorative Remodeling Serum

In collaboration with scientific experts, they go a step further in studying the evolution of the adipose tissue distribution with age and hormonal changes and its impact on the morphology of the face.
The anti-aging care for sharper facial contours, renewed radiance, for a face glowing with youth, despite hormonal changed linked with age.
Also this Season:
Firmness Solution Booster | $90.00

“Toning, redefining, redensifying, the new firming concentrate designed to be blended with the essential Formula of your choice for a made-to-measure treatment.”

Active ingredients include the patented organic Green Banana extract and organic Quince extract, patented Lemon Thyme extract and Oat sugars.

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