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I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I have two left hands when it come to styling it and I find it exhausting trying to keep up with it, given that it’s so freaking unpredictable. On top of it all, I’ve been in the process of growing my hair for as long as I can remember but …before it gets to a decent length my ends decide they don’t like each other anymore and split, which only makes me want to use more heat tools to tame them which in turn burns the few healthy portions of my hair which I try to repair with endless masks and fight the urge to go all Britney on it. Sound familiar?

About three years ago I promised myself I will go get a trim as often as I can and I vowed to never never attempt to color my hair again. I’ll leave it to the pros. I have an amazing hair dresser that got my hair to the perfect shade of blonde with minimal damage and manages to only trim the split ends, giving me hope that one day I, too, will have long beautiful hair. On a day to day basis given that I am a blogger and all I get to test and try out all sort of hair products and hopefully discover miracle products and share them with the interwebs.

Matrix Biolage launched a new collection of four formulas inspired by the science of nature: ColourLast, HydraSource, SmoothProof, and VolumeBloom.

Given that I have fine, dry and limp hair HydraSource seemed like the answer to all my prayers. It claims to leave me with “up to 15x more moisturized hair after 1 application”, using Aloe (renowned humectant) to help my hair soak and retain the maximum amount of moisture.

The Shampoo is gentle but foams up nicely, it manages to clean while not over stripping the hair. It’s great for frequent use, my hair looks and feels nice, clean and bouncy but I do find it the roots have a tendency to get oily after day 2. It’s a fair exchange… the rest of my hair doesn’t get as dry and crunchy and a bit of dry shampoo will fix the oiliness in no time. In general I like to save this shampoo for special occasions, when I need my hair to be shiny and soft and use the “normal” more intense shampoos on “normal” days; I work out often and need more oil control.

The Detanglig Solution is a light conditioner I like to use all over my hair; it does a good job at detangling and moisturizing my hair and it’s great for periods when I work out and I do a quick water wash and don’t need hardcore masks. In general I do like to apply the HydraSource Mask on my ends, as they are color treated and extremely dry as a result. The Mask is fantastic. It’s leaves me with soft bouncy hair and doesn’t weight it down.


My favorite product of the bunch is the Leave-In Tonic. I like to spritz a generous amount on this all over my damp hair, brush it to distribute it well and let it all air dry. I noticed such a huge difference in my hair this summer thanks to this spray. I am outside a lot and ride my bike everywhere which means my hair is exposed to the sun all the time. This leave in spray keeps my hair conditioned and supple and I love it for that.

     Overall I really like the HydraSource line. It’s a guaranteed good hair day system. The two products that stood out to me and I strongly recommend are the Mask and Leave-In Tonic. They are absolutely fabulous, they work and I could see a huge difference in the way my hair looked and felt. When I talk about a high end product I have high expectations and these two delivered while the shampoo and detangling solution worked well but didn’t make me want to run to the store and get back-ups.

*Disclaimer: These products have been provided to me for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or review

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