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Aura by Mugler

Aura by Mugler

I always get excited when I hear about a new Mugler launch but my heart stopped when I heard about Aura. It skipped a beat when I saw the bottle. I have a soft spot for their perfumes. I remember when I first fell in love with Angel, over ten years ago, in the Paris CDG airport. I remember loving its unapologetic boldness and overpowering sweetness and loved the reactions I would get from people when they caught a whiff. What can I say? I was a bold teenager. 

Aura is the newest addition to the Mugler fragrance roster and I was so curious and intrigued by it before I even got my hands on it. For one, the bottle is exquisite. An emerald heart framed by a metal “M” that begged to be held in the palm of my hand. 

Mugler describes the scent as a “masterful orchestration that combines five substances, three hearts, two overdoses and one magnetic field”.

The “Beating Heart of Instinct” is the backbone of the fragrance featuring Tiger Iiana, a Chinese medicinal plant used to treat heart diseases and balance the equilibrium of the body. It’s rich, sharp and smoky with a sugared almond scent. The “Botanical Heart” ads a touch of fresh and fruity thanks to the rhubarb leaf and orange blossom. The ” Animal Heart” ads woody, spicy notes thank to the Bourbon Vanilla and Wolfwood.

The fragrance starts off with strong herbal notes that quickly make way for strong woodsy, leathery ones. I also detect a bright and floral tone that help balance out the stronger, “serious” notes. Aura has that unique Mugler smell to it, woody and sweet thanks to the vanilla but it’s also so different thanks to that fresh herbal (almost minty) tone that somehow lifts this fragrance. I love wearing Aura during the day and I find it to be a perfect spring fragrance. Like most Mugler fragrances it has great wear and I love how it smells in the hair and clothes even more the second or third day. It almost reminds me of a fresher, more modern D&G Red which was my mother’s signature fragrance when I get a whiff of it on my scarf. 

I like how adventurous Aura is and I continue to be pleasantly surprised every time I wear it. It’s bold, it’s different and it has personality and that bottle is a masterpiece. 

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