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Annabelle Cosmetics EyeInk Review

Annabelle Cosmetics continues to blow my mind. That little cosmetics company, lost in between drustore shelves is coming up with some amazing stuff these days. Original, great quality and same old fantastic prices.

What has me going ga-ga  this time? Their new eyeliner.

I got this at the Annabelle launch earlier this summer, and despite the fact my bff was raving about it like, every single day, I kind of tossed it in my box with eyeliners and forgot all about it. I decided to give it a try one day when I was in a mega rush and had no time to get out my gel liners and brushes. 

The felt tip is thicker than your average felt tip, it looks like a marker, a very pointed, precise marker. It`s very stiff making application a dream as you can get in the lash line and draw a steady line with absolutely no issues. What I really liked about it is the fact that the tip stayed nice and wet throught the whole process (which can at times be lenghty). No need to shake it or apply pressure to get more juice into the tip, as it tends to happen with most marker type liners. The pigmentation is absolutely phenomenal. Black as night. No need to go over a couple of times to get a nice dark line. It dries fast, had no transfer on the lid and no smudging issues throught the day. At night it came off easily with a little bit of oil or make-up remover and I experienced to staining of the lid. 
I love this eyeliner because it`s easy to work with, easy to control, it`s very pigmented and rich, it lasts incredibly well and it comes off easily. Let`s put it this way, I never achieved a more perfect cat eye this, this fast. 

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