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Annabelle BB Cream

The newest addition to Annabelle`s cosmetics is this amazing BB Cream, which I was lucky enough to get earlier this summer, test it and review it before it hits your drugstore shelves.
I am a BB Cream lover, and although I have had my fair share or problems with the original Asian ones, I found most “western” versions to be nothing but plain old tinted moisturizers labeled as BB Creams.
What I want from a BB Cream is to stay true to the concept. I need it to cover, prime, protect, conceal, smooth and have some sort of treatment action. A BB Cream is supposed to be a multi-purpose product, where as a tinted moisturizer is supposed to be just that, a tinted moisturizer. I never got along with original Asian BB creams (dr Jart, SkinFood, Skin79, Missha) mostly because of the color selection. I also found most of them to be too heavy for my liking and I do not enjoy that mask-feeling and doll-like complexion. Basically I want pretty, flawless skin, but I still want to look human.

Annabelle BB Cream is a perfect hybrid between Asian and western BB creams, in my humble opinion. The texture resembles Asian BB Creams in the sense that it feels silky yet somewhat tacky adhering to the skin very well, yet it is much lighter making it easy to work with and most importantly, making it look so much more natural. I like to apply it using my fingers or stippling it on with my Ecotools Buffing Brush.
I found it had a satin finish with a subtle glow. It`s weird. In a good way. It covers really well and has that silky finish in areas where I need it to (jawbone, forehead) but somehow manages to give me that `glowing from within`type a look on my cheeks or wherever light naturally happens to hit. Very cool stuff. I haven’t reached for an illuminator ever since I received this product. The coverage is medium, it will manage to hide most imperfections and small blemishes, but I still need concealer for problem areas or under my eyes.
Since it’s summer, I tend to top off the product with a dusting of translucent powder (I use MUFE HD) and I have had no problems with the product fading away or melting off during the day. I got a good 12 hour wear out of it with minor touch ups. I got the lightest color and it fits me very well, I actually love that the color “adjusts” to my skin tone, I am considerably tanner now than when I first started using it, yet it still managed to match my skin and look incredibly natural.

Overall I really, really enjoy this BB Cream. It caters to younger skin. It covers well yet has an amazing luminous satin finish, it feels light and stays put all day long.

If you want to see this product in action, I am wearing it here.

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