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10 Supplements I Am Currently Loving

I’m a firm believer that beauty comes from the inside and the things we eat and drink can make a huge difference in the way we feel and look.

Here are my top 10 supplements I’m loving right now.

I am obsessed with this little orange berry that has a great content of vitamin C, carotenoids, Vitamin E and Omega 3,6, 7 and 9 acids aka skin food. Seabuckthorn has a very absorbable form of vitamin C which is important for my immune system and collagen production among other things. The essential fatty acids to keep my skin supple, heal faster, give me a healthy glow and keep my energy levels up which is absolutely essential during winter when all I want to do is hibernate. 

Fish oil is the one supplement I can’t be without. The are anti inflammatory, good for your heart and cardiovascular health, they play an important role in brain function and help me tremendously with my mood and lastly they are absolutely essential for healthy, beautiful skin. Wanna know what makes a good fish oil? Read this article or watch the incredible Dr. Rhonda Patrick explain it for you here.

Vitamin D is a an essential vitamin what requires supplementation especially if you live in country like Canada where we get little sun exposure through the year. It’s good for your immune system, it’s important in the development of bones and teeth and can help your mood. I noticed a huge difference in my mood since I started taking it religiously.

I love working out and given that I am a vegetarian I have to supplemnt with protein powders. I like the High Alpha Whey because it’s a really good quality or go for Garden of Life RAW Protein is I want a vegetarian option. Protein is an essential  macronutrient and is very important for building muscle, it’s building blocks, the amino acids are important for healthy skin, nails, hair and brain.

5. Trophic Greens Concentrate 
I love taking greens because they’re packed with  nutrients and they help me detox everyday. I like this formula because it doesn’t have any fillers nor does it have a gazillion ingredients. This way I’m getting a nice dose of spirulina, chlorella and other green juice powders as opposed to green grass powders which translates into a higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants.

6.  Biosil
I’ve talked about this product before and I’ve shared my experience with it in a previous post. I love how strong my nails are when I take it, it help my hair grow stronger and I hope that it will keep my collagen levels high for as long as possible. Biosil is a product with a ton of research to back up it’s claims and given that I am a vegetarian it’s the best option for me when it comes to collagen production.

7. Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics
There is a lot to explain about how these probiotics are different and better than anything else on the market and given that I work in the field I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to a products making claims. I have had amazing feedback for this probiotic and after testing it out myself I have to say it’s amazing. I had to take antibiotics for some dental issues and they messed me up; these probiotics are the only ones that made me feel better fast. I urge to read on how important it is to heave a “healthy” gut flora. It literally affects everything, from your mood, to your digestive health, immune system and so much more.

8. Genuine Health Active Fuel
I love taking this product before any cardio session. It’s a very well thought out formula that enables me to go through a workout without crashing;it gives me energy and allows me to focus on whatever exercise I am doing. It’s great for recovery too; I have no more muscle pain or soreness, a problem I used to have before starting to take this product; it used to be so bad it would take me a day or two to recover before I could attempt any other exercise.

9. MegaFood Boosters
This is a new line of products from a brand I love. My favorite right now it’s the Daily Energy powder which I mix in my smoothies or in my greens when I need a quick pick me up. It’s packed with nutrients and it’s made using the same process as the other Megafood supplements (they ferment the highest quality plants, vitamins and minerals using their “slo-food process” which essentially transforms the supplement into food and nutrients your body can recognize and use).
I also love their Blood Builder, I consider it to be the best iron supplement on the market and as a vegetarians, both my sister and I can’t be without it.

10. Blentec
I know, it’s not a supplement but this blender is the best investment I have ever made. I use everyday to make my smoothies, healthy frozen fruit ice-cream, nut butters, whole juices, sauces and soups. I love it because it liquefies my food and greens and makes them so easy to digest. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, made in the USA, has a BPA free jar and has a 8 year warranty.

Voila! How do you like this post? I want to make it a habit to talk about what I eat, how I exercise and what supplements I take to stay happy and healthy. I think it’s so important to look after our bodies and celebrate it. I would love to hear what supplements you take and what results are getting.

As always, I am only sharing my personal experience with supplements in this post. This is not medical advice. Always consult with your health care professional, your pharmacist, your naturopath or naturopathic doctor to see if a supplement might be the right choice for you.

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